Biggest Mistakes in Poker

Biggest Mistakes in Poker

You are playing a $1/$2 cash game online and you are using a Heads Up Display (HUD). The player on the button has been raising and stealing your big blind a lot. The action folds around to him and he is on the button again. They raise, making it $5 to play and the Small Blind folds. You only have 85o but you are starting to get annoyed that this player is raising all of the time. You check his HUD statistics and notice that he has a Fold to Three-Bet percentage (FT3B%) of 75%. Given the dynamics of the Button v Big Blind scenario you decide that it is a profitable three-bet and make it $17 to play.

You have made a big mistake.

Let’s imagine, regardless of the use of a betfair offer code, that your opponent now makes the four-bet. If this is the case then he is going to make you fold. If he folds then great you have won $6. But what if he calls? What are you going to flop that is going to help you move forward with 85o in your hand? Granted that it is not important what you have but more important what your opponent thinks you have got, but it helps if you have added equity. Here is an example.

Instead of playing 85o let’s imagine you have decided to raise with A3s and he calls. You now have potential flush and straight draws. Even if you do not flop these draws it is extremely unlikely that you will not flop at least a backdoor flush draw or straight draw.

Those paying close attention to betfair offers should note that it is this additional equity that allows you to feel more comfortable making more aggressive moves on the flop and turn.

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