No Miracle Cards

No Miracle Cards

How many times have you left a poker session, down in the dumps, because you lost a load of dough? A lot? How many times have you left a poker session, down in the dumps, because you lost a lot of dough and got very unlucky? A lot more maybe?

Everyone remembers the unlucky bad beats and forgets the same ones they dished out themselves. These miracle cards seem to get everywhere and affect everything.

Those looking ahead to Betfair Poker Live London know that when you see a great magician showing you card tricks it is not really magic. There is a methodology behind his act and one you would easily understand if you joined the coveted magic circle. This is because magic does not exist – at least not in this form anyway.

Miracles cards don’t exist either. They are a figment of your imagination in the same way a dying man may see a pool of water in the desert. You tell yourself they exist because it makes the loss easier to come to terms with. But there are deeper consequences to thinking in this manner. You are more likely to lose control and deviate away from your A-game – a recipe for losing money in anyone’s book.

So next time you have played faultless poker from pre flop to the river, whether using a betfair promo or not, remember that miracle cards do not exist. Understand that the one-out your opponent needs to crush your dreams is sat in the deck. Realise that there are a finite number of possibilities on the river and one of them is your opponents out. Realise that the game of poker has not ended until that river card is exposed. Realise that there is no magic.

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