Best Online Bingo In The UK

Choosing the best online bingo is a very tricky thing to do. That’s because there are so many different things to take into consideration. Is bingo with bigger jackpots but more players, better than smaller jackpots but with a better chance of winning? Will the new customer bonus be more attractive than the range of games on offer?

Of course, you also have to consider the uniqueness of the games on offer. Affordability is a key factor as is the number of promotions on offer to existing customers. Here, we will look at the various online bingo sites that we think stand out. Depending on what is the most important factor to you, you should be able to find one or two helpful bingo sites to play at.

Online Bingo No Deposit Bonuses

This used to be a thing. There was a time when an online bookmaker or bingo site would offer you a free bingo bonus just to try out their games. The idea was that once you started playing, you would become a loyal customer.

Unfortunately, that is almost impossible to find today. I have searched through a huge number of bingo sites and none are offering ‘no deposit bonuses’. New customer welcome offers are everywhere but a deposit, and sometimes an initial spend, is required to access them.

The good news is that often the online bingo site will more than match what you deposit so you will have additional funds to play with, at no added cost to yourself. Just make sure that you read the terms and conditions of the offer before you take it up.

Best Bingo Jackpots

The jackpots for online bingo work in two ways. They are either built up by the number of people buying tickets – the more bingo cards sold, the bigger the prize. Or, they are predetermined for particular games by the bingo site. If jackpots are big box for you to tick then stick with a bingo site that actively promotes their jackpots.

The first thing to remember is that the ‘Prize’ and the ‘Jackpot’ for any given game are not the same things. The prize is how much a player will actually win. The jackpot often refers to the money you could win if you call a full house in under a certain number of calls.

Mecca Bingo is very good at highlighting any mega jackpots and prizes on offer that day. Any jackpots on the daily bingo schedule are highlighted at the bottom. There is also the added advantage of being able to look one week ahead at the schedule and check what the minimum jackpots are for any given game.

Jackpotjoy is another solid bingo site that offers really big jackpots. These are well advertised on the site and you will have plenty of advanced notice when there is £15K or even £20K up for grabs.

Expect these kinds of games to have a lot of players. And also remember that the bigger online bingo jackpots are generally on offer in the evening, and on weekends.

Unique Bingo Games

All online bingo games are not created equally. Very few sites that offer bingo actually create or even host their own bingo games. Many, in the UK, rely on a company called Virtue Fusion to provide the bingo platform. These bingo sites are all on a bingo network owned by Playtech which serves huge numbers of players.

Why is this important? Simply put, if there is a massive offer or promotion on a Virtue Fusion bingo site then every player across that platform can win it. That means players from multiple bingo sites are all playing for the same prize. So instead of it just being a couple of hundred players on the likes of William Hill Bingo, it is now thousands of players on sites including Betfair, Paddy Power, Sun Bingo and Bet365.

Over 60,000 players are active on the Virtue Fusion network every day and at peak times there can be as many as 13,000 players at the same time. So while the jackpots are huge and very attractive, they are also really difficult to win.

For completely unique online bingo games check out Tombola. This is an incredibly creative site that deals exclusively in bingo. They create all of their own games in-house and any prizes on offer can only be won by their players.


Depending on what is important to you in terms of online bingo, there will be a different site to accommodate your playing needs. Of course, the hope is that you find one that offers even more than that. For the sheer quantity on ongoing customer promotions, Jackpotjoy is a winner. If it’s quality and uniqueness of games then it has to be Tombola. If reputation and trust are key factors then Mecca Bingo is worth looking at.