Bingo Chat Terms

If you’re not already familiar with online bingo but fancy trying your hand, there are a few things you need to know. Firstly, it’s great fun and less work than playing in a real-world bingo hall. That’s because the computer does most of the work for you. All you have to do is sit back, relax and cross your fingers for a win!

That also poses another problem though. What to do with all that time? You could simply watch the balls drop and your cards getting marked off. Of you could engage in a bit of chat with your fellow bingo players.

This not only gets you engaged in the game but it can also be a really good social outlet. Because, let’s face it, simply sitting there doing nothing can be a bit boring!

So with that in mind, it’s useful to know what a few of the key bingo chat terms mean. After all, you want to be able to follow the conversation and absolutely nobody uses full words or sentences in the chat facility.

Bingo Chat terms

There are quite a few so we have compiled this handy guide for you to refer to. If you don’t know what somebody is saying simply check the grid and soon you’ll be up to speed!

AFAIK… As far as I know AFK… Away from keyboard ASAP… As soon as possible BB… Be back later BLNT… Better luck next time
BRB… Be right back BTW… By the way FYI… For your information GG… Good going (good game) GL… Good luck
GLA… Good luck all GTSY… Good to see you JK… Just kidding JMO… Just my opinion JTLYK… Just to let you know
KIT… Keep in touch 1TG… One number to go 2TG… Two numbers to go 3TG… Three numbers to go LOL – Laughing out loud
LTNS – Long-time no see NP – No problem ROFL – Rolling on the floor laughing TTYL – Talk to you later TY – Thank you
WB – Welcome back  WDWS – Well done winners  WTG – Way to go YVW – Your very welcome YW – You’re welcome

Hopefully we’ve covered most of the terms you are likely to see in the various online bingo chat rooms. If we discover any more we’ll be sure to add them to the grid.

Chat Room Hosts

Unlike many of the alternative online chat facilities, the ones you find on bingo are not like the wild west. They are well run and come with chat room hosts or moderators.

The hosts work for the bingo site you are playing on and their job is to both keep everything running nice and smoothly.

They get players excited, engage with everyone, and quite often host games and give away prizes. Their job is to have a range of activities to keep you entertained are they really are lovely people.

In fact, with a lot of bingo sites, you don’t even have to play to join in with the Chat.

Online Bingo Chat Promotions

Keeping customers happy and coming back for more is the main goal. If you love your online bingo site you’ll want to go back for more. That’s where the chat moderators really come into their own.

Each site will have a range of scheduled activities for the chat rooms. These can be themed quizzes, giveaways, virtual parties, even chats about recipes and favourites foods. So there really is something for everybody.

Each bingo site will have it’s own ‘community’ and that’s where you will find all the details for the weeks upcoming chat room events.

Make sure you check it out and keep a note of the days and times so you don’t miss out.