How To Play Bingo Online

The internet is a wonderful thing. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your couch to play thousands of different games. Which is fantastic news for those of us that like to dabble in online bingo! But there are plenty of you out there who are still unsure about how the whole online bingo thing works.

So let me take you through some of the most frequently asked questions, and hopefully, provide a few answers along the way.

Can I Play Online Bingo For Money?

The answer is yes. Definitely yes. In fact, there is almost no other way to play online bingo unless you are on a demo version of the game. When you open an online bingo account, you deposit real money.

You then play with that money and hopefully win a few games. Any winnings, unless otherwise stipulated, are then paid back in real money which you can withdraw at any time.

Which Online Bingo Pays Out The Most?

This will entirely depend on where you play and how many people you are playing against. Most bingo jackpots are determined by how many people are playing in any one game. If 500 people all buy tickets, the jackpot will be higher than if only 25 people are buying tickets.

Exceptions to this will be fixed jackpots that are frequently offered as promotions. So big jackpot games may be advertised as having a £10,000 jackpot, no matter how many players there are. But you should note that these games also attract far more players. This means, your odds of winning will decrease.

Where Should I Play Bingo Online?

This is very subjective. There is no one best place because players have so many different requirements. Jackpotjoy has a lot of different weekly promotions. So if that’s your thing, then you should check out their site.

Then again, you may already have a regular bookmaker account such as Paddy Power or Betfair and they also provide online bingo sections.

For distinctly unique games, Tombola is a big winner. All of their games are created in-house. They don’t operate on a bingo network and they have come up with some very cool and unusual bingo games. So for something a bit outside of the box, they are a very good choice.

Then you have the most recognisable names in bingo such as Gala or Mecca Bingo. Their presence on the high street translates very well online. They have been around for years so they are highly reputable and trustworthy.

How Do I Play Bingo Online?

There are a number of steps you must take to be able to play bingo online. Firstly, find a bingo site you want to play on. Once that’s done, you must sign-up by completing a registration form. That done, you will get an email and you must click the link to validate the account.

Now you have an account you must come up with a screen name. Deposit your cash using a debit card (or another form of transfer such as Paypal) and the money instantly goes into your online bingo account.

You are now free to play any of the bingo games on the site. Each will have different ticket prices and jackpots so you should check the bingo lobby to find a game that matches your budget.

Once you have picked a game, you buy the bingo tickets and wait for it to begin. Usually, there’s a little countdown clock. Then it is game time!

You really don’t have to do anything else. The bingo card is automatically daubbed for you and the winners are automatically called.

Hopefully, this little guide will be helpful on your online bingo journey!