Betting On Online Roulette Like A Pro

Casino games have always been incredibly popular. However, prior to the internet, they also appeared reserved for the wealthy and those with plenty of disposable income. But online casinos changed the face of the industry forever. Now you can play a whole host of varied casino games, including Roulette, online and from the comfort of your own home.

The benefit of playing online roulette is that there are so many variations to choose from. They also come with different price points so there is plenty of flexibility when it comes to betting. I decided to check out what’s available to you at Paddy Power Casino.

The scale of the Roulette section is very impressive. There are over 24 different roulette games available to play with many of them starting at just 10p per bet. But, if that doesn’t get your juices flowing then you can bet up to £25K per spin with their Premium French Roulette Online game. That’s probably a little rich for most people but the point is that there’s a price point to suit everybody.

The French version of Roulette sits alongside it’s European and American counterparts but what exactly are the differences?

French Roulette

The Roulette table may look a little different but actually, it’s a relatively simple version to learn. French roulette offers a twist on the standard flow of roulette action thanks to something known as La Partage. All even money bets will receive a compensation payment (50% of the bet amount) if the ball lands on zero. Basically, this feature gives you a way to get some of your money back.

European Roulette

This is your no-frills roulette. It’s basic and straightforward. You load up the game and all you see is the betting table, the wheel and some chips. The previous numbers appear in the top corner and that’s it. You can play for as little as 10p per spin all the way to £5000 per spin.

American Roulette

The only differences between American roulette and European Roulette are the order of numbers, and the American wheel has one additional pocket which is the double green zero. Otherwise, it’s the same game. There is a classic version and a Premium version of the game available at Paddy Power Casino.

Betting On Roulette

Betting on roulette is very simple. The idea is to predict where the ball will land when the wheel stops spinning. So you can choose to bet on a number, a range of numbers or a colour – black or red.

If the ball stops on that number, colour or range then you win. If it doesn’t, you lose.

Betting on a single number returns the highest odds but that’s because it is the most difficult aspect of the game to predict. As a result, most beginners stick to red or black when they start to play roulette online.

Where To Play Roulette Online

You can play roulette at most online reputable casino’s. Generally, it is advised to go with a bookmaker that you are very familiar with as they are heavily monitored and audited. That way you know you’re money is 100% safe.

I recommend casinos available at the likes of Paddy Power, Betfair, Betfred, 32 Red, Mr Green and Bet365 Casino.

Many of these online casino’s will offer a new customer or beginners table. But you can play roulette online for real money at all of them.

Can Online Roulette Be Trusted?

The simple answer is yes. The games are designed by external companies who create all of the software and set the payout rate. Those games are licensed to online bookmakers and casinos after they have been registered with the Gambling Commission. The casino has no ability to alter the game or the algorithms that control it.

Once an online casino agrees to the parameters of the game they are fixed in stone. Altering them would require permission from the Gambling Commission and that involves a lot of paperwork!

Can You Cheat Online Roulette?

Not really. The game is controlled by highly encrypted software and with no real person spinning the wheel, patterns are incredibly random. However, if you play a live version of online roulette, a real person will actually spin the wheel. It’s like sitting in a casino.

You can use roulette betting strategies to give yourself an edge but that’s about it.

Can You Win At Online Roulette?

Yes, you can definitely win at online roulette. You can also lose at online roulette. Essentially you are gambling and all gambles come with risk. As mentioned above, you can employ specific betting strategies to potentially minimise your losses or increase your wins but there are certainly no guarantees.