Blackjack Surrender

It’s hard to admit you’re beaten, but it can be a good long-term strategy. For some people, “no surrender” is a mantra. Others embrace the concept of accepting, at least conditional, defeat. At some online casinos, you’ll find there are blackjack tables that offer surrender.

What this means is that, after you’ve seen your cards, you can surrender your hand and lose 50 per cent of your stake. But why would you? Why wouldn’t you play it out, and just see what happens?

If you’ve played enough blackjack, you’ll know why. Plenty of times, no doubt, you’ve put down a reasonable sized stake and projected the mental image of a blackjack onto the table. First card? A queen, and you’re all excited. Then, a six. That’s gotta hurt.

Now, depending on what the dealer has, traditionally you have just two options – hit or stand. But with a 16, neither holds a great deal of appeal. Stand, and your only hope is that the dealer busts, as he has to draw to 17. Take another card, your ideal card is a five of course, but what are the chances?

Depending on your luck, you’ll greet a hand of 16 (actually, perhaps one of between 12 – 17) with an inward sign. Prospects of winning – not great. Here’s where the surrender option comes in. Once you’ve seen your two cards, and the dealer’s hole card, you might want to just throw in your hand and take the 50 per cent hit.

For those who play surrender blackjack, it’s about learning which battles are worth fighting. Saving half your stake when you’re dealt a 15 at least gives you some money back, and maybe that will go on a hand where you get 21?

Clearly, it’s not for everyone. If your temperament is “it ain’t over til the fat lady sings” then you’ll believe that even a bad hand can be a winner.
But, next time you’re dealt 15 and the dealer has an ace, remember that surrender blackjack is out there.

Written by Alex Corcoran, enjoying everything social online Alex is an online gaming content writer with a keen interest for blackjack, poker and UK bingo sites.