Competing against the house by playing certain casino games can be fun but joining a tournament and competing with other players can be more fulfilling.

Casino tournaments can be considered as a sport that brings out your knowledge and skills. In tournaments, months and years of experience would surely pay off. Here is a list of tournaments you might want to compete in.

Blackjack is one of the biggest table games in casinos. The most popular blackjack tournament is elimination blackjack. The person who has the lowest amount of chips gets eliminated after 10 minutes. To certify the winner of the game, an overall leader board is involved.

Then there are slots. There isn’t much skill required for you to play well in this game. In tournaments, however, the speed of pushing the bet button matters. Even if the odds of winning the game are purely based on luck and not to knowledge and experience, it is still well-patronized by casino goers. People are still attracted to slots because the jackpot price could accumulate and get really large.

Next up is poker. Winning in a poker game can be a factor of skills and practice. The house edge on poker games decreases over time. If you join a tournament, the house edge may be completely wiped off. Players strategize to win the game and it takes more than just luck to win it. Playing poker can be made a means of living by people who are really good at it – and they get to earn so much.

Finally, baccarat which is a low house edge casino game. The correct strategy will get you to win the coveted pot. It is best played in tournaments where your only rivals are fellow players and thus the house edge becomes even smaller. Just like Blackjack, a leader board is involved in this game and there are eliminations as well.

Written by Alex Corcoran, an avid fan of all casino games online.