Quick Guide To Playing Casino Tournaments

The dawn of the internet brought with it a vast array of online casino games. For the first time we could simply play any game we liked without leaving the comfort of our homes.

Over the years, the technology used by online casinos has improved vastly. The graphics and animation of our favourite games have become more realistic to the extent that you can now even play in live casinos, via your mobile device.

But however much fun these tend to be, nothing sparks a bit of competition quite like a tournament. Beating the house is one thing, but beating your rivals can definitely be more fulfilling.

Why Play In Tournaments?

Like anything that involves multiple competitors, in order to be successful in certain tournaments you need to bring your A-game. That means improving your knowledge, becoming more strategic and developing your skills.

In tournaments, months and years of experience pay off more than when you just play against the computer.

The stakes are also higher. That doesn’t neccessarily mean that they will cost you any more, but the longer you play and the further you go in the tournament, the better the rewards.

When online casinos host tournaments they often come with big prizes. These can be in terms of free spins, bonus cash, real cash rewards or even loyalty points that can be spent on the casino site. And of course, there are the bragging rights.

Best Game Tournaments

There are a whole host of online casino tournaments that you can take part in. Picking one will completely depend on which game you like playing the most.

Blackjack is one of the biggest table games in casinos. The most popular blackjack tournament is elimination blackjack.

The person who has the lowest amount of chips gets eliminated after 10 minutes. To certify the winner of the game, an overall leader board is involved.

Then there are slots. Ordinarily, there isn’t much skill required for you to play well in this game. A lot of the time we play games like twin spin purely for fun. In tournaments, however, the speed of pushing the bet button matters.

Tournaments are often timed and it’s all about the turnover on a specific game. The more you play, the more you potentially win and all of that wagering pushes you up the leaderboard.

Even if the odds of winning the game are purely based on luck and not knowledge and experience, slot tournaments are really popular especially when there is a decent prize up for grabs.

Next up is poker. Winning in a poker game is as much about skills and practice as luck.

The house edge on poker games decreases over time so if you join a tournament, the house edge may be completely wiped off.

But more than that little bonus, the payouts can be huge. The better you play and the further you go in a poker tournament, the bigger the prizes get. Some even include buy-ins to major world poker tournaments that would otherwise cost thousands to enter.

Finally, baccarat which is a low house edge casino game. The correct strategy will get you to win the coveted pot.

It is best played in tournaments where your only rivals are fellow players and thus the house edge becomes even smaller. Just like Blackjack, a leader board is involved in this game and there are eliminations as well.


Online casino tournaments are a great way to develop your gaming skills while playing for bigger prizes. However, they only work if you actually know what you are doing.

So before you join a tournament make sure you know the rules and have both a strategy and a budget worked out. Pick games that are pitched at players with your skill level and that way you will last longer and potentially win more.