As Dead as a Dodo

There have been a lot of extinct species on this fabulous planet and none more famous than the dinosaurs; but there is one species of animal that is on everyone’s lips when they talk about something they believe will die out. It is, of course, The Dodo, and everyone knows that famous expression as dead as a Dodo.

The Dodo is so popular amongst those looking at betfair poker tips because it became extinct during our own-recorded history.

Are high stakes cash games, in the brick and mortar world of Las Vegas, soon to follow the way of the Dodo? Texas Dolly himself – the great Doyle Brunson – is so concerned that this may actually be true that he is considering moving to California and he explains why in his blog.

“Las Vegas is becoming, more and more, a not very desirable place for a poker pro to live. There are simply isn’t very many high limit games anywhere. What’s with the economy, the worldwide tournaments, and the Internet poker, the outlook for live cash games are bleak? Poker is on the verge of making a very significant change and in my opinion very bad change.

I’m considering moving to California; at least there are a few mid level games that are played regularly.”

OK, so he is suggesting the state of the games is, as sick as a Dodo, more than, as dead as a Dodo, but Brunson does have a point. It seems that there is a major tournament taking place each and every week where winners can amass fortunes.

Then in the same breath, whether involving Betfair Freerolls or not, you have the hugely exciting online high stakes action that has increased, commercially, since the rise, fall and resurrection of Isildur1 last year.

Only time will tell.