Poker League

In sports, such as soccer, the team who wins the league settles the arguments over who are the best teams in the land. Winning the league proves that you performed better than your opponents consistently and over the long run.

In poker there is no way to define who is the best? – There is only conjecture and opinion. You could argue, for instance, that Daniel Negreanu is the best tournament player in the world because he tops the all time money list. If this were the correct barometer for success then Jamie Gold would be the third greatest tournament player on the planet.

What better way than to sort this argument out by introducing a poker league. But how would it work? How would the professional poker players fit league games into their already hectic around the world schedule?

It is being reported by that Annie Duke, who recently parted company with her long time sponsor UB, will be the commissioner of a new poker league. This poker league is already being billed as the “PGA of Poker.” This John Doe of a league will have four televised regular-season events and a $1 million championship freeroll. The location for the events is rumored to be the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas and it is planned for later this year.

So who do those looking at betfair poker tips believe will be invited to participate? How will someone filter through the greatest players in the game? Will there be a mixture of the online and live greats?

“It is thought that about 200 players will be invited to the league based on a mathematical formula measuring finishes in major events, money earned and recent success. It won’t measure success in cash games or online poker.” Said Duke