So how do casinos and online card rooms make any money if you are playing a game against other clientele and the house does not wager against you? The answer to this question is the rake.

The rake is the term used by those looking at the betfair poker welcome bonus to describe the mechanism casinos and online card rooms use to generate revenues from their card games. In principle this mechanism is fair. In the brick and mortar card room the owner will have his costs to pay and they will provide you with value. You will have a roof over your head, table, dealer, cards, chips and the use of all the other amenities on offer to you. Online, you have a place to play, customer service and a whole plethora of other services that increase costs for the operator.

The rake is predetermined by each different entity and they can charge anything they like and in any way they like. Some establishments take a scaled percentage out of each pot and some apply an hourly charge. Online mechanisms also vary but the general rule is to take a percentage out of each pot with a maximum applied.

So when you play poker, whether using the betfair code bonus or not, you are not only trying to beat the player you are also trying to beat the rake. So what is rakeback? Online card rooms offer incentives to attract players in order to remain competitive. Most incentives involve rake. The operator will return a percentage of the rake – you have already paid – in return for your loyalty to the site. The percentage varies but the most common amount falls between 27-30%.

So before you decide which poker software to download and start playing look around for a good rakeback deal.