How Many Scratchcard Jackpots Are Left?

Scratchcards are big business. As a staple of the National Lottery in the UK, we spend a small fortune on lottery tickets and scratchcards every year. Camelot UK Lotteries Limited, who run the lottery, announced that National Lottery ticket sales for the 2018/19 financial year (1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019) were £7,206.8 million. Our appetite to potentially win millions has not shown any signs of slowing down because that whopping £7206.8 million figure was an increase of £255.1 million on the previous year.

It’s a lucrative industry but a huge amount of that money does go back into the wider community. In the same period (2018/19) ticket sales generated £1,654.7 million for Good Causes. That is an average of £30 million per week. Camelot also awarded £4,128.5 million in prizes to players and created a record 406 new millionaires. In fact, since the National Lottery launched in 1994, over £71 billion in prizes has been paid out and more than 5,350 millionaires or multi-millionaires have been created.

And even though many of us are happy to do the odd lottery, especially when there is a rollover jackpot, scratchcards still remain as a staple revenue generator for the company. So much so that sales across the National Lottery’s range of Scratchcards and online Instant Win Games also reached a record £3,125.0 million, an increase of £290.1 million. That is largely due to the improvements on their online site. A better variation of scratchcards, with more interactive features and a bigger range of prices keep us coming back for more.

But how do we know when the big jackpots we are playing for have already been won?

Scratchcard Jackpots

Almost every scratchcard on the National Lottery website is also available to buy in stores. For as little as £1 you could be scratching your way to £100,000. Or could you? Did you know that even if all the top prizes have been won, they continue to sell the scratchcards? So you could be spending £5 or £10 hoping to become an instant millionaire and it’s not even possible. This is exactly the case for the current £50 Million Cash Showdown scratchcard. Sorry guys, no million-pound prizes left on that one!

Likewise for Instant Millionaire which at £5 per card originally started with four £1 million pound jackpots. Based on the number of scratchcards created, your chances of winning one used to be 1 in 2,258,200. Now it’s zero.

The good news is that for the cheaper cards, with smaller top prizes, there are far more of them to win. You can buy Full of £500s for £5 and there are still 3015 top prizes of £500 to be won. Don’t plan on retiring any time soon if you buy one!

Remaining Scratchcard Jackpots

So how do you find out how many top scratchcard prizes are left? On the National Lottery website of course. All you have to do is click here to go to the full list of every scratchcard available. You can see very quickly, how much the card is, what the top prize on offer is and how many of them are left.

If you follow the links down the rabbit hole, you can even see a full breakdown of every prize on offer on any specific scratchcard. But there is no way of knowing how many of them are still available.

So what happens when the jackpots are won? Once the last top prize has been validated, retailers will be allowed to continue selling those Scratchcards that have already been activated for sale. Any unactivated scratchcard stock will be withdrawn.

Scratchcard Alternatives

Ther is something special about scratching off a card. The anticipation of winning a huge jackpot is very exciting. However, the odds are also hugely stacked against you. If you’re going to buy a scratchcard buy one online. If the jackpot is advertised it must be available. So unlike a store where the top prizes may already have been won, online they are still available. Especially on a casino or bookmaker site like Jackpotjoy or Betfair.

Your chances of winning are very clear, as are the prices and prizes available. And even better, any winnings are instantly added to your online account! Happy scratching!