Which Online Slots Pay Out The Most?

Online slots can be found at virtually every single online casino on the planet. And unless you’ve been living under a rock, there’s a good chance that you’ve played one or two as well. With so much competition for your custom, casino’s are always trying to create new and exciting online slots. If only to get you to part with your money!

With so many different themes, jackpots, styles and bonus games, choosing one can be difficult. Personally, I like a lot of bling. The more ways to win the better. Especially if there is a progressive jackpot at stake! But how do you know that your favourite online slot is not just style over substance?

Every single online slot game comes with an information button. It looks like ‘i‘ and it is usually located next to the ‘play’ button. Clicking on that will give you all the information about the game, including the RTP.


RTP means Return To Player. And the higher the percentage figure, the higher the payout to players on that slot game. The RTP is normally around 95%. That means for every £1 wagered on the game, 95p is returned in winnings.

That does not mean that you will get back 95p for every £1 you spend. Its a blended figure across all of the players. According to the Gambling Commission, the average % RTP is generally measured over 10,000 or 100,000 games or greater depending on their category. The remaining % goes back to the casino.

If you don’t care which slot you play then browse through the RTP percentages and pick the one that is the highest. I’ve searched through a whole range of slot games on Paddy Power Casino. Gladiator has the lowest RTP at 91.46%. And Halloween Fortune has the highest RTP at 97.06%. The rest fall somewhere in between.

Slots Paying Real Money

One question that is asked a lot is about slots paying out real money. The answer is yes, they absolutely pay out real money – as long as you are betting with real money.

There are two exceptions. A lot of online casino’s offer customer the option to play the games for free in ‘Demo’ mode. You don’t play them for any real cash. However, that means you also don’t win any real cash.

The second exception is if the spins are part of a new customer bonus deal. In this instance, you may be given a set number of free spins. Any winnings on them will be added to your casino account. However, there may be a wagering requirement attached to them. For example – if you win £15 on free spins, you may have to spend at least £15 of your own money before you can withdraw the winnings from the free spins.

Other than that, to be paid out in real money you have to play for real money. Any wins instantly get added to your online casino account and you can withdraw them whenever you like.

Are Online Slots Rigged?

Online slots developers usually offer a uniform RTP for any game that they produce. Internet casinos that license their slots are then forced to use the provider’s chosen payout percentage. So the answer is no, online slots are not rigged.

Similar to real-world the RTP is set and approved by the Gambling Commission. If a casino wants to the change RTP they must submit the paperwork and have the change approved.