2020 Tokyo Olympics Postponed To Next Year

It seemed like only a matter of time and now the IOC has confirmed that this summers Olympic games will take place next year instead!

Today the International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced that this summers games won’t be going ahead. The games were initially meant to start on the 24th of July in Japan. Unfortunately due to the current situation, they can’t go ahead.

The IOC have said they will take place no later than Summer 2021. On top of this though, it will still keep the title of Tokyo 2020. This is the first time that the Olympics has been postponed is its 124 year history. The only other time there hasn’t been a games is during the war.

Many were expecting the IOC to make this decision sooner or later. Canada and Team GB both said they wouldn’t be taking athletes to this summers Olympics due to fears of the virus. On top of this one of the most successful teams in Olympic history, the US Track and Field Team also said they wouldn’t be going.

There has been lots of qualifiers and training cancelled due to the outbreak. Boxing qualifiers were due to take place in Wuhan, China in later January, which is the epicentre of the outbreak.

The European Championships has also been postponed to next summer. It was due to take place this year across Europe but was postponed last week for the same reasons. The change in the date has brought about a change in the odds. England will now be going as the 9/2 favourites, with France and Belgium just behind at 5/1. No doubt the odds will change between now and then, so now could be the best time to get a good price.