Best Premier League Outright Winner Odds

Before the 19/20 Premier League campaign even started, pundits and bookmakers were fairly certain that once again Liverpool would go toe-to-toe with Manchester City in a fight for the title. And yes, to a certain degree, that is still the case. What has changed however, is the fact that Manchester City are currently quite a long way off the mark.

Surprisingly to some, Liverpool are sitting rather comfortably at the top of the table. They have an eight-point lead over their nearest rivals. As it happens, that is not Manchester City. It is in fact, Leicester City. Who knew! The Foxes are playing tremendous football under the guidance of manager Brendan Rodgers. Those with long memories may remember when Rodgers used to be in charge of Liverpool. I don’t imagine there are any divided loyalties and Rodgers will be more than happy to take the Premier League with Leicester City if he gets the chance.

Despite Leicester playing so well, they are still quite far in the outright winner’s odds. The y are currently best priced at 40/1 with Paddy Power. Ladbrokes are offering 33/1 on Leicester with Betfred even lower at 28/1. So if you think Brendan Rodgers can do with Leicester what he couldn’t do with Liverpool, now’s the time to get a bet on.

Liverpool, as you would expect, have the lowest odds of any Premier League team to win it this season. Almost every bookmaker is offering odds ON of 2/5. Realistically that doesn’t offer any real value. However, if their lead slips or their rivals start gaining some ground then those odds will move out as the season progresses.

The biggest surprise so far, 12 games in, is that Chelsea are in third place. There’s nothing wrong with Chelsea but when they got battered by Manchester United in the opening weekend, many didn’t hold out much hope for Frank Lampard’s side.

However, they have clawed back the points, winning six Premier League games on the bounce. Once again Paddy Power is offering the best odds of 40/1 on Chelsea, with Ladbrokes on 33/1 and Betfred on 28/1.

The same good fortune cannot be applied to Manchester United. They have just moved out of 14th place on the league table and now sit in 7th spot. That was down a win against Brighton at home with fans hoping that kind of excellent performance can be replicated as the season continues.

For United, the title is well out of grasp this season. That’s why their odds sit at hefty 500/1. However, a Top 4 finish is still on the cards. Odds on that are 5/1. Next up for them is Sheffield United away on the 24th November. A win there would see them move up another spot and jump ahead of their opposition on 19 points.

So what about Sheffield United? Realistically, absolutely nobody thinks they will actually win the league. However, they are in 5th place albeit 17 points behind Liverpool. So even though the odds on them are at 2000/1 they could be two million to one and they still wouldn’t win it.

That leaves Manchester City as the last team that can possibly catch-up with Liverpool. We’ve seen the Manchester blues close a 10 point gap on LFC before, can they do it again? Both Paddy Power and Betfred are offering 9/4 on City, with Ladbrokes best priced at 11/5.

Getting beaten 3-1 by Liverpool would have stung. Can City come back fighting? Next up for them is Chelsea on the 23rd November. If Lampard’s side can take points from them then Pep Guardiola will be up the creek.

The next few weeks in the Premier League will be very interesting. The run-up the Christmas always throws up a few surprises. And don’t forget that we’re not even a third of the way through yet. So it is most definitely still all to play for.