Premier League Returns Next Week

The Premier League is finally set to return next week, with Aston Villa vs Sheffield United getting us underway!

After three months of no Premier Leauge football what so ever, it is finally back next Wednesday. When Euro 2020 was cancelled, this gave some hope that the Premier League could be finished. There are nine game weeks left and they are set to finish by the end of July, giving teams time for a pre-season for the 20/21 season.

The first two games will be played on June 17th with Aston Villa hosting Sheffield United and Man City travelling to Arsenal. There are 92 fixtures to be played, and all of these will be played at separate times so fans can watch them.

On top of these great starting games, Man United play Spurs and Liverpool play Everton next week. Not bad for the first week of fixtures! The games though won’t be as we are used to seeing them. They will be played behind closed doors so there won’t be any fans and the games will be quiet! Just as if you were watching a Man City match anyway…

Premier League Odds

Now obviously with only nine games left and Liverpool having a 25 point gap on City in second place, the odds aren’t that great on an outright winner. Liverpool are currently priced at 1/1000 with Man City at 40/1.

However, Paddy has a selection of markets running from now until the end of the season. Man City to get the Most Points from June 17th to the end of the season is 4/9, with Liverpool at 3/1. This can make the remainder of the season more exciting, instead of hoping for a miracle to happen and Liverpool slips up!

The Top Four is still an interesting market. It looks like Leicester are going to be joining Liverpool and Man City in by finishing there this season. There are two markets available for this, one for the season as a whole and one from June 17th until the end. Both markets provide good prices on different teams, meaning it could be good to have a go on both! For example, Man United are 17/10 for the whole season and EVS for this remaining nine games.

To Go Unbeaten is one of the new End Of Season markets. Man City are leading the way at 11/10 with Liverpool just behind at 21/10. Interestingly Man United are at 11/4. They can’t afford to lose any games if they want top four this season. On top of this, they have Pogba and Rashford back as well as a favourable fixture list!

These are just a few of the markets that Paddy Power have on offer. With nine games to go anything can happen so both the full season and end of season markets are worth looking at. It’s only really the title that’s decided. Three teams are fighting for top four, whilst five teams could potentially be heading to the Championship. Be sure to look at these markets before the first game back, as odds will change and maybe for the worse!