The Hundred Has Added New Rules

The new cricket format The Hundred has added new rules to it which is set to make the game more exciting than ever!

Next summer the new cricket competition The Hundred will be played for the first time ever. It has been introduced by the ECB and has been met with mixed opinions. Some feel it doesn’t need to be brought in as there is already T20 which is a shortened version of one day cricket. However, others think its good as it will attract new audiences.

Its is a 100 ball format and the teams will be made up of eight cities as opposed to counties. The teams for it were selected earlier on in the year and it is to last a month between July and August.

The teams are Southern Brave, Northern Superchargers, Trent Rockets, Welsh Fire, Oval Invincibles, Birmingham Phoenix, London Spirit and Manchester Originals.

New rules

  1. When a new batter comes in, regardless of whether the two batters before crossed each other, they will be on strike. This is to help award the bowler for getting someone out as they can now bowl at someone who hasn’t faced a ball.
  2. Each bowler can bowl a maximum of 20 balls. This can be done in two stints of either five balls or ten balls. After ten balls regardless then the next ten balls will be bowled from the other end.
  3. Like in the Indian Premier League there will be a time out. This is to be 2 minutes and 30 seconds long and can be taken after 25 balls. However, the time out doesn’t have to be taken.

These rules are to going to make the new format even more entertaining. We will see bowlers bowl longer spells when they are at their best and new batters under more pressure have to always face the next ball.

Souther Brave are the favourites on Paddy Power at 3/1. They have some fantastic players in Archer, Russel and Warner. All three of these players have played at the highest level in World Cup finals.

Just behind them are Northern Superchargers at 4/1. Englands World Cup hero and Sports Personality Of The Year winner Ben Stokes is in the team along with Australian Aaron Finch.

Manchester Originals are the highest priced at 8/1. They have Joss Butler, Imran Tahir and Santner to name but a few. These men have shown what they can do in T20 so should adapt to this format with ease.